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Taking Many Forms


1 September 1982
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I am over the age of 18, but sometimes I feel way younger then 18...which I think is ok...maybe? As my friends say "It's time to grow up." But all I can say is... "you are never too old to have fun." :)

I like watching movies with friends. Horror movies usually. Classics are awesome too.

I like to read any variety of books, I don't like to limit myself to just one genre.

I like to spend days outside doing nothing but sketching anything I see.

I love to read comic books, Marvel and DC are my favorite.

Fanfiction stories are great!

I absolutely love anime.
Which started me on writing my own fanfiction. That was like ten years ago.

I'm a huge Star Trek and Star Wars fan since I was five years old. I guess that means I love sci-fi.
I have been a major lurker when it comes to Star Trek for awhile now cause every time I try to write some serious stuff, my brain feels like it's going to explode. I have plots, but I'm too frightened of the science aspect of Scifi to try. lol.


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